The sound files found at this site are in either MP3 (near CD quality, but long download times), Shockwave 5 streaming audio (Which means that there are no download times, just click the button and listen in real time!), RealAudio (both streaming and non-streaming), or WAV format (usually short clips, these files are downloaded and played automatically by most browsers).

In order to play the MP3 audio files (layer III), you need to use a "helper app" like MacAmp on the Mac or the "WinAmp" on Windows or the free RealPlayer. For more info about MP3 go to the FAQ page.

In order to hear the Shockwave streaming audio files, you need to have Netscape Navigator 3 (with Java) and Shockwave 5. Shockwave Download Page

The RealAudio Home Page now has the RealAudio Player 3.0 from Progessive Networks (version 2 or above works). We have streaming and non streaming files on the site. The full music pieces on the music page are streamed (no download time).The small RA files on the instrument page must be downloaded to be played. It's not as cool as streaming, but the files for the most part are short downloads!

Most current browsers can handle these WAV files. But if yours doesn't, you may need a helper application for your browser. If you need a helper app to hear the WAV files, on the Mac you can get SoundApp (you'll also need Stuffit Expander to convert the .bin file) and for PC's, go to the Netscape Sound Page for suggestions on sound "helper applications".

Good Luck! If you have problems or suggestions please contact Chip.


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Real Audio