The Bug (closeup)


The Whole Bug


The Bug is an electro-acoustic percussion board. Designed by Tom Nunn, this one was built from the original plans by Ted. Threaded 1/4" rods, nails, springs, strings and bronze welding rods all protrude from the birch 9 ply top, amplified by a contact pickup mounted underneath. It's played with various mallets, sticks and rods.
Surrounding the basic Bug is a bamboo rack holding several sonic sculptures, including an early prototype Waterphone, bamboo wind chimes, bell/ring sculpture and goat hoof shaker (all made by Richard Waters, bamboo marimba (Darrell Devore) and copper tubing chimes (Ted).

Bug sounds:

WAV 149k

RealAudio 54k

On the right is a Dumbek (a traditional drum from the Middle East) and another Richard Waters creation the (what else) Water Drum. The Water Drum is 2 deep stainless steel pots welded together with a round hole cut out in the middle. A small amount of water is put inside, which changes the pitch of the notes as they're played.

Dumbek sounds:

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RealAudio 50k


Below is a set of Bamboo Tong Drums.
Played with mallets, each Tong has a pitch.

Dumbek and Waterdrum

Tong Drum sounds:

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RealAudio 30k

Tong Drums


Darrell Devore Instruments

Above, on the right, are some of the wonderful sound making creations of instrument inventor Darrell Devore.
Butu are pieces of bamboo, played by striking their bottoms on a hard surface. Finger holes can be covered and uncovered to change pitch.
The Shaker has action that is enhanced by being suspended with rubber bands.
The Wind Wand is a wooden frame with a handle and adjustable cross piece, suspending a BIG rubber band. Sound is made by rotating in a circle or waving back and forth, it makes a multi-pitched (4) whoooooshing sound.
The Groove Stick is a long thin piece of bamboo with many notches cut into one side. Played with a stick, it is similar to the South American Guiro or "Rhythm Fish".
And the Spirit Catcher is a smaller variation of the Wind Wand with a 2nd rubber band. It is capable of 8 simultaneous pitches

Spirit Catcher sound:

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RealAudio 27k

Wind Wand sound:

WAV 99k

Three bamboo Batutu (also called Buzz Sticks) made by Richard Waters. They are usually held in one hand and stuck against something soft but firm (like the palm of the other hand or a knee).


Batutu sounds:

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RealAudio 24k

Even More Instruments